This was the Official Art for the 55th Grammy Awards


This is a time lapse video for RayBan I did a few years ago..


Over the years I’ve been published in many newspapers and magazines all over the world; here are some of my favorites..

GQ Spain 1.jpgGQ Spain 2.jpgGQ Britain 1.jpgGQ Britain 2.jpgSunday Times 1.jpgSunday Times 2.jpgMarieClaire 1.jpgMarieClaire 2.jpgLebowski 1.jpgLebowski 2.jpgNYTimes 1.jpgNYTimes 2.jpgDetails 1.jpgDetails 2.jpgMaxim 1.jpgMaxim 2.jpgBoombox 1.jpgBoombox 2.jpgBHMAdonna 1.jpgBHMAdonna 2.jpgPalace Costes 1.jpgPalace Costes 2.jpgphilosophy 1.jpgphilosophy 2.jpgRIP 1.jpgRIP 2.jpgWired 1.jpgWired 2.jpgTokion 1.jpgTokion 2.jpg