I’ve been making art for years now, and I thought it was about time I put together some thoughts about why I make this stuff.

 I spend my free time researching history science and math as it relates to the tech revolution.  I like to take these archaic technologies – relics from another world – and in a twisted way preserve them, reinvent them. Its easy to get boxes of tapes donated today. But what about 30 years from now? I’m trying to capture this spirit of the last century by using the actual objects, speaking through them somehow. I think the world is its own best representation.

I have a studio in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Its more like a laboratory, with strange materials peeking out from everywhere. I hope that what I’m doing inspires people to think about our changing relationship with our environment, our sense of relative value

There is a strange gray space between what is worthless to us and what is priceless

Some of my art is fun, some serious. But there is always a message if you’re willing to look for it

Thanks for your support

All my love.

Erika iri5 xx